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Mice, rats and other animals a part of the rodent family can quickly spread disease and cause havoc throughout your home or business. So what do you do? Call Aussie Pest Co!

Our licensed rodent controllers use tried and tested methods to effectively exterminate rodents from your home and prevent them from coming back.

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  • 3 month no pest guarantee
  • Our first goal is to make sure that you and your family are healthy and safe
  • Conscious of our environmental impact
  • Quick service with scheduled appointments
  • Complimentary obligation-free quote
  • Industry-backed warranties*
  • Safe and effective rodent control - we are parents who also have children and animals!
  • Meeting the Australian Standards for rodent protection
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Rodents pest control services Perth, WA.

Signs You Need Rodent Treatment

There are many signs of rodent activity you can observe without seeing rodents around your property including:

  • Noises on or in the roof - including the pitter-patter of feet, scratching and gnawing
  • Stale smells from quiet or hidden areas of your property
  • Signs of chewing on food sources
  • Rodent droppings in small spaces, by house entry points, near food products and under sinks
  • Holes chewed through in walls, cupboards and floors - especially if they have brown rub marks around them from the rodent’s fur

What To Do If You Need Rodent Treatment in Perth

It can be distressing to discover a rodent problem in your space. Your first steps should be to:

  • Clean up after the rodents to prevent the spread of disease
  • Seal away any food that the rats and mice may go for, including pet food
  • Call a professional such as Aussie Pest Co
Rodent, rat and mouse walking around in Perth property.

Aussie Pest Co Rodent Treatment Process

If you've never had a rodent treatment or inspection before, here's what to expect in terms of pest management:


Get Your Quote For A Rodent Inspection

Our experts will first perform a thorough evaluation of your whole home, paying particular attention to the garage, food storage locations and attic spaces. From there, they can provide you with a precise quote and recommend the best rodent control solutions for your situation, explaining the problem to you and going over your options.


Book in Your Treatment Day

Once you give us the go-ahead to start the pest treatment, the Aussie Pest Co team will schedule a treatment day and time that's convenient for you.


Beginning Your Rodent Pest Control

We will come at your designated booking time on the day of your treatment. We begin by removing any rodents we find using hygienic techniques to prevent a significant health risk, blocking any entry points, and placing traps and bait.

While still maintaining high standards of quality, we operate promptly and efficiently to respect your time. You will get a report outlining the services rendered along with a list of easy precautions you may take to keep the rats and mice away.

Our rodent control services assist in managing rodent populations, reducing rat numbers, and preventing the transmission of illness among rats, mice, and other rodents. To assist prevent rodent infestation and lower rodent numbers, preventative measures and basic hygiene can be incorporated into a treatment strategy.


Our 3-Month No Pest Guarantee

After your rodent treatments, you will hear from us, just to check in and see how things are doing, and confirm that the treatment was effective in getting rid of any pest infestations. Give us a call if there are any problems within three months, and we will come back to make sure they are fixed.

Contact Aussie Pest Co To Fix Your Rodent Problem

A rodent infestation is something no property owner wants to deal with.

If you want to keep these troublesome visitors off your residential or commercial property, it's essential to reach out to professional pest control services fast - before the mice and rats breed too much.

Aussie Pest Control expert standing in front of pest control vehicle in Perth.

Perth Rodent Control FAQs

What rodents are common in WA?

Several common types of rodents infest Perth homes, including:

  • House Mice
  • Brown Rat/Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat/Black Rat
How long does it take to get rid of a rodent infestation?

It usually depends on the extent of the pest’s infestation. If it’s a small group of rats or mice then it can take around three weeks to clear your property but some larger infestations require some long-term mouse and rat control with it sometimes taking as long as a few months.

This is why we recommend getting in touch with the professionals as soon as possible to make sure we can take care of your rodent problem before it grows too large.

Why should I get professional rodent control?

Typically when treating a rat or mouse infestation, DIY solutions may end up killing the rodents INSIDE your building which will smell while it rots, on top of that rats are highly intelligent and while traps or bait stations may kill one or two easily, but after that many rodents will learn and adapt. For our pest control services, we make sure to use bait that will make the rats and mice thirsty, driving them out of your residence. And being in the pest control profession, at Aussie Pest Co we know some tricks to help make sure your pests take the bait and make sure your home will be rodent free

How many rats usually live together?

A typical rat nest hidden in a roof or underneath a residence will have 5-10 rats but as they grow and branch out, multiple nests can be created on the same property.