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Residential pest control services provided in Perth, WA.

Residential Pest Control

Unwanted pests like cockroaches, ants, rats, and more can cause serious damage to your home and pose health risks to your family and pets.

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Commercial pest control services provided in Perth, WA.
Commercial pest control services provided in Perth, WA.

Commercial Pest Control

We assesses each commercial site, taking into account the environment and risks, to create a tailored pest control plan using the latest technology and bespoke solutions.

Commercial Pest Services »

Two termites standing on eaten wood.

Termite Solutions

At Aussie Pest Co, we specialise in advanced termite solutions and pest control, employing cutting-edge techniques to safeguard your property & ensure a pest-free environment.

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Aussie Pest Co is here to make your home safe and secure from any unwanted pests. With a focus on protecting the health, safety, and environment of people in Perth, we're making sure you don't have any unwelcome critters showing up unannounced.

We offer both residential and commercial services to the Perth and Peel region to ensure that your pest infestation is put under control as soon as possible. Whether you’re after an annual pest inspection or require a more complex pest management strategy, our team is here to help.

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Termites pest control services Perth, WA.Think you may have a termite infestation?

Let’s find out sooner rather than later to prevent their destructive feeding habit from weakening your property and any wooden structures around it. Our termite control specialists use effective termite treatments that are tough on termites yet safe for your family, your pets, and the environment. They also show you how to prevent future problems and can help save you a lot of money down the track.

Ant pest control services Perth, WA.Got ants that are driving you crazy?

If you’ve tried sprays and powders but the little buggers keep coming back, then it’s possible there’s an ant colony nearby. These ants may appear small, but their colonies can grow quickly, making it even tougher to eradicate them with your typical insect spray. Let our experts stop this ant invasion in its tracks before the ants damage the property and the lawns and gardens around it.

Cockroach pest control services Perth, WA.Stop the cockroach infestation before it becomes a threat to your health.

Cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and as they feed and move around in the home or office, they’re also known for spreading disease. Our experienced pest control specialists use the most effective and safest cockroach extermination, removal and control methods to get rid of these annoying pests, so you enjoy your property in peace.

Cricket pest control services Perth, WA.Dealing with crickets chirping all night long?

If you've tried various methods to get rid of crickets, but they keep on chirping, there may be a larger infestation nearby. Despite their tiny size, cricket populations can quickly multiply, making it challenging to eliminate them with regular pest control methods. Let our team of experts put an end to the cricket invasion before they cause harm to your property and disrupt your peaceful environment.

Millipedes pest control services Perth, WA.

Are millipedes crawling around and causing you frustration?

If you've attempted to eliminate millipedes using conventional pest control methods, but they persist in reappearing, it's likely that there is a millipede population nearby. Although these creatures may seem harmless, their numbers can multiply swiftly. Allow our team of professionals to eradicate the millipede infestation before they cause any havoc to your home and garden.

Rodents pest control services Perth, WA.Got a mouse, rat or other rodent infestation?

Wherever they’re living, we’ll find and exterminate these rodents so they’re no longer a threat to your health, especially when they can carry harmful viruses and diseases that can transfer to humans and animals. Mousetraps can’t keep viruses and diseases at bay; the safest thing to do is to let us treat the property and get rid of any potential health risks.

Snake control services Perth, WA.Don’t risk a snake harming your family.

Snakes can pose a risk to humans and pets, and some species are venomous, making it essential to address the issue promptly. Our team of snake catchers has the knowledge and equipment necessary to handle the snake promptly. Let us safely relocate any snakes that appear on your property before they cause harm to you and your loved ones.

Spiders pest control services Perth, WA.Are spiders invading your property?

We can help keep them outside where they belong. Although most spiders in WA are harmless, poisonous ones might crawl out next time you’re in the garage, reach inside the pantry or sit on your favourite chair. And if there are children and pets around, they wouldn’t know how to scare a spider away without getting bitten. Let our experts sort your spider problem ASAP.

Bee pest control services Perth, WA.Are bees buzzing around and causing you distress?

If you've attempted to remove bees using standard insect sprays but they persist in returning, there may be a beehive nearby. Although bees are essential for the ecosystem, they can pose a danger to humans and pets when they feel threatened. Our skilled professionals can safely and efficiently eliminate the beehive before it causes harm to your property or harms you or your loved ones. Trust us to put an end to the bee invasion humanely and responsibly.

Keep Pests at Bay With A Pest Inspection

It's easy to brush off pest inspections as something that can wait another day. After all, if you haven't seen any pests yet, why bother checking?

But the truth is, regular pest inspections are crucial to maintaining a healthy home or business.

Many pest species are small and elusive, hiding in dark corners and only coming out to feed at night. By the time you spot a pest, there could already be an infestation. Even if you haven't found any signs of pests, it's worth booking an annual inspection just to be safe. At Aussie Pest Co, we make pest inspections quick and easy.

Don't wait until it's too late - call us today to book your inspection and keep your space pest-free!

Experience pest control experts in Perth, WA.
Residential pest control services provided in Perth, WA.

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At Aussie Pest Co, we offer top-notch pest control services to keep your home free from any unwanted guests. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to safely and effectively eliminate any pests in your home.

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